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GDL Clothing doesn't have a specific targeted audience! The clothes are made for EVERYONE, it's just how YOU choose to wear them... Let me show you five very different ways to style GDL to suit your own look.


The GDL team spend the day at newly renovated GELSEI Academy HYPE GYM a few weeks back and some of their top Body Builders (including the gorgeous Stefanie Nadine - Booty Bible Bikini Champion) to try and test our GDL Gym vest, hats and T-shirts. 
They both agreed the material was breathable and flexible - perfect for working out. In fact, they loved them so much they both nabbed an emblem vest each to keep and said they were their new favourite racer backs! Stefanie also nabbed herself a GDL bobble hat for wearing whilst working out / hanging around them gym. We are hoping to stock these vests and hats in their GYM reception soon. 


 A few of my feminine girl friends have said to me "I love the clothes, I just don't know how to wear them, I'm a girly girl" NO worries girls. I got you. Being feminine myself, I can definitely help you.
Here is the gorgeous beautician Amy Beth from #BeautySecretsByAmy modelling our classic grey Sunday Club Tee. We styled it up with this KILLER leather skirt and vampy heels. She said she couldn't wait to wear it out on a sunday session. (Drinks on a Sunday) 
When chatting with Amy on how she would wear the clothes she says this outfit suits her perfectly but she also would wear the tops with leggings and trainers for a casual day and she matched out Overachiever baseball top with jeans and heels and her Louis Vuitton clutch for a day of shopping. 
Here is Amy's instagram selfie of her shopping day!
I've added a few more feminine looks for those girls who just aren't sure... take a look at a few more versions of our other GDL genderless line...

We teamed Sorry Not Sorry Tee with some leather pants and either heels, converse or pumps.
And the World Wide Vibes with the vampy heels and skirt combo. Don't be afraid to swap the midi skirt for a Mini, or the Leather for Denim. If you're on holidays maybe swap the skirt for a pair of denim shorts, sandals and our GDL hat. YOU GOT THIS GIRLS. Don't forget to tag us in your photos to show of your fem GDL! 


In our shoot with Welsh Actor Adam Byard we took his style from casual day wear to evening wear in a few simple steps. Pictured left modelling our Sorry Not Sorry from the SS16 line Adam is wearing the Tee paired with jeans and trainers for his casual day look. 
We then added smart brown shoes, a brown tailored blazer and some sunglasses for a smart summer afternoon to evening look. This T-shirt is our only LONGLINE so it gives a different look to the other t-shirts.
Adam also modelled some other various smart and casual looks. I love this androgynous black blazer and jeans combo with our classic sunday club tee. I envison this look on both men and women. I also had to put up his laid back emblem vest look. Note adam wearing our MULTIBRAID and GDL SNAPBACK in the emblem vest picture. These accessories are summer essentials! The multibraid has multi uses (hence the name) It can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or anklet on both men, women and any non binary gender. 


GDL is totally made for the beach. Our organic cotton is loose and breathable so be sure to pack them all and make GDL your summer essentials! Tie the vest and wear over a bikini girls for a crop top look! Pair with denim shorts or skirt to take the look through to the evening. One of my faves is wearing the emblem vest over a bikini. the GDL SNAP BACK IS ESSENTIAL for summer and our 13.00 price tag is an absolute STEAL! 

The ways in which you could wear GDL in summer is endless. Our brand reflect all shapes and sizes and don't forget we stock from size XS to XXXL in some items. If you're size isn't on the site (perhaps its out of stock and is temporarily off the site) don't be afraid to email the team to find out at and one of our team will be happy to assist you. 


Check out the gorgeous Leah and Jess in their boudoir shoot. These girls look gorgeous in our clothes. I absolutely adore the LOVE IS GENDERLESS Tee on Leah. 
The couple took to the studio to help create a sunday chill shoot and nailed it. 

I also love model Ashleigh in our Love is Genderless. This girl is effortlessly beautiful. The love is genderless is a classic GDL statement piece. We love promoting equality in fashion and slogans are just one way we campaign.

So just to round up my post I want to say to anyone who's looked at our website or looked at our instagram, twitter or Facebook accounts and thought what we do is great but haven't bought, I hope this blog shows you how you can make GDL clothing suit your style.

here are the links to our other social media pages:

Laura x

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